merritt was founded in the skies while california native, lacey horning was flying home to los angeles after vacationing with her sister (and also best friend) in hawaii in 2011.  

the brand was then born.  she named the company after her grandfather, merritt, who dedicated his life to helping others.    it wasn't until 2019 when the real meaning of the brand was brought to the front of the it's existence:   showing a pathway to create merit within people became the brand's purpose. 

"Everything we do, we believe in changing our industry through a way of thinking. We believe in creating differently. The way we challenge our industry is by messaging the importance of creating merit in others while helping others, we just happen to make great clothing."

horning says, "the people get put first, we just happen to create beautiful products that can be a vessel for building merit in people by encouraging better actions".

so there you have it.   the company and owner didn't just create a brand, they are creating change.   

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