Printed Face Masks Gift Pack - Gardenia Face Mask - Vintage florals with ties (Shipping Included)

 This vintage print floral face mask is perfect for the grab n' go day to day.   This face mask is made out of vintage floral prints sourced by the finest most dedicated Los Angeles Team.   We are sustainable and happy to make you small quantity sought after pieces.   We hope you enjoy:).  

Comes in a pack of 4 masks, perfect for a family photo, or friends  or for one in your car, one in your purse, one in your house, you know how that goes;)

*** to protect each and every one of us these masks are final sale 

Outer layer:  Woven Cotton Blend

Inner Layer:   Woven Cotton blend

Please hand wash and lay out to dry

You have the option to cut the ties and knot them if you prefer it without bows.  Alternatively, you can wrap around the head as an option to.  We prefer the bows or knots, but the option is yours!  

Made in the USA with nothing but love. xoxo

 Stay safe, mask up!

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